Discover Irish Creek Stables: Where Horse Dreams Come True

Welcome to Irish Creek Stables, where every hoofbeat echoes with a century of history on our sprawling 70-acre property in the heart of Puslinch Township, Ontario. We’re not just a stable; we’re your equine paradise!

Our ‘We Cover’ Indoor Arena: Rain or shine, our bright indoor arena ensures that your riding adventures continue, no matter what the weather gods have in store. Ready to take your skills to the next level?

Outdoor Sand Jumping Ring (40 x 60 m): Jump into action and let your horse’s spirit soar in our spacious outdoor jumping ring. It’s where champions are made and dreams are realized.

Outdoor Sand Dressage Ring (20 x 60 m): Dressage enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Feel the rhythm and grace as you practice your moves in our meticulously maintained outdoor dressage ring.

Large Grass Paddocks with Shelters and Heated Waters: Our paddocks are not just grassy fields; they’re cozy, horse-friendly homes with shelters and heated waters to ensure your horse’s comfort all year round. Happy horses, happy riders!

Free Choice Hay Outside: Because we believe in giving your equine friends the freedom to snack whenever they please. It’s all about spoiling them with love and nourishment.

Hacking with Cross Country Jumps: Adventure awaits just beyond our stables. Explore the scenic trails and take on cross country jumps that will get your heart racing and your spirit soaring.

At Irish Creek Stables, we’re more than a stable; we’re a community of passionate horse lovers who cherish the magic of every ride. Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or just starting on your horseback journey, there’s a place for you here.

Ready to Experience the Magic?: Join us at Irish Creek Stables and embark on a journey filled with adventure, learning, and the deep bond between horse and rider. Saddle up, and let’s ride toward unforgettable memories together! Your dream horse adventure starts here.

2023-2024 RATES & INFO.

Boarding Options

Stall rental includes tack locker                                                               $750.00 + hst
Add on-Blanket changes and turn out boots                                        $40.00    + hst

  • No fee for fly masks
  • 2 grain feedings per day and will add in any supplements supplied by boarder
    Outdoor shelters, salt & mineral blocks and heated water

Hybrid Board

Outdoor board with turn in options (weather dependent)              $600.00 + hst

  • One grain feeding per day
  • Includes tack locker
  • Use of a stall when bringing in to ride
  • Outdoor shelters-salt & mineral blocks and heated water

Important Board Info

Lessons are available to boarders      $50.00 private           45 minute
$45.00 group of 2 – 1 hour

If, during a lesson with an outside instructor jumping poles are broken there will be a charge of $30.00 per pole.
New Boarders are required to provide proof of vaccines and worming
Boarders to stay updated on vaccines, farrier and worming. All can be coordinated by stable if needed.